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Spa Moritz Day Spa has had the pleasure to serve many valued clients.
We appreciate those who have taken the time to pass along these wonderful comments regarding our products and services.
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Awesome Spa Experience!

I went to Spa Moritz 12/7 with a friend. We both were first-time customers, and based upon our experiences; I would highly recommend this spa. First, the customer service was excellent. the person who set our appointments and greeted us as we entered the spa was amazing! You definitely feel special from the minute you walk in and don't feel like cattle being herded from room to room like at a lot of other spas. Secondly, the treatments we received were fabulous! We both had massages and facials, and after I was done, I wanted to come back the next day! I have had several massages in Tampa area, and none have been as good as the one I received at . You can see they employ professional massage therapists that are into what they do and not people that just give you a light rub for an hour. It was an awesome day! One other thing they do that a lot of spas don't is provide a selection of hors d'ouvres as you pass between services. is a wonderfully, relaxing place to get rejuvenated and best of all, the prices are very reasonable. I would highly recommend Spa Moritz and plan to go back!

Oasis of Tranquility In New Tampa

My husband gave me a gift certificate a year ago for a "Heaven Scentsť package. My job was so stressful and demanding that it took me 6 months to book the appointment. I had been to spas before, in Tampa and other locations, but was totally unprepared for this Spa experience. From the moment I walked through the front door, I was enveloped in warmth and tranquility. Each staff member made me feel as though I was the only person there, as I was welcomed and gently escorted from one lovely spa experience to the next. Did I mention the fountains and the music? Imagine yourself surrounded by the tranquil sounds of gently trickling water, soft wind chimes, soothing music. In between treatments, I was led to a relaxation room. As I reclined on the oversized and overstuffed chaise, I just got lost in the Old World decor, listening to the music and the wind chimes, tears of gratitude came to my eyes! Now lest you think I was an emotional basket case and simply overcome by the atmosphere, let me assure you that the highly trained and caring staff are truly exceptional in their own right. So much so that, after months of seeing doctors for chronic pain in my neck and shoulder (with no relief), it occurred to me to try massage therapy. After 4 weeks, of massages, I was pain free with no return. So if you are in need of some pampering (who isn't!) or a therapeutic experience, be good to yourself and call . But I warn you, it can be habit forming! Thank you, for such an exceptional oasis in the midst of our all too busy lives.
Pros: Exceptional atmosphere and staff!
Cons: Not one---really----no kidding!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Visiting Executive

Absolutely spotless with fabulous service at a reasonable price.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Renewing body and spirit...

Massages are tailored to your special needs, sometimes even flowing with the soft music to make the experience mystical and totally relaxing -- and carefully chosen essential oils are calming, soothing. Return customers are always greeted by name, as if they are old friends. While the architecture and presentation are elegant, the staff personalities make it like a friendly neighborhood gathering place. Frank Lloyd Wright said, "Give me the luxuries of life, and I will gladly forego the necessities." So, give me Spa Moritz!
Pros: A serene atmosphere of elegance and beauty!
Cons: One cannot suspend time to soak up more pleasure here
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Wonderful Massage for International Client

We had an international convention that brought us to Tampa Bay from Switzerland. I received three (3) massage therapy sessions at your spa. After three days in a row, with three different therapist and three different massages. I can say this is a First World Class Treatment, super massage therapy sessions and overall hospitality from your staff. The Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi and the Thai massage were the best! I will certainly refer future friends of ours and I can't imagine anyone living in Central Florida who doesm't know about this World Class Spa. Thanks.
Pros: 1st Class Treatment - 5 Stars !!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Fabulous, Relaxing Experience

I have been a loyal client at Spa Moritz since they opened and there is no better place to relax. From the time you walk in the door until you leave, you will enjoy every minute of being pampered. No detail is overlooked, with the beautiful decor, soft music, light hors d'ouvres, comfortable surroundings and attentive, professional staff. Both the facials and massages are worth the money spent and when finished, you'll be looking forward to returning. If you think you can duplicate it with a $39 massage somewhere… you just cannot! When it comes to special occasions and birthdays, my husband knows that the only gift I want is a gift certificate to Spa Moritz. This experience is a must!.
Pros: Overall atmosphere and service
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Amazing retreat

I love everything about Spa Moritz and I wish I lived nearby so I could go there to get all of my massages from now on. Unfortunately the trip from Spain to Tampa is too far, but I recommend it to anyone who is in the area. Or even if you are visiting Tampa Bay, it’s worth the drive!. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing and the people are friendly and very professional. I’ve been back each year for 4 years now and when I walked out I felt like I had been on 4 little vacations at a luxurious resort. Absolutely amazing!
Pros: Knowledgeable & friendly staff, professionalism, atmosphere
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Search no more....

The atmosphere is extremely relaxing. The layout and design allow privacy as you wait between services or enjoy a beverage and snack after pampering. The service is second to none...after 4.6 yrs, they continue to exceed expectations!
Pros: Exquisite atmosphere for sumptuous pampering
Cons: Now open only 6 days
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Spa Ever

I have been a client of Spa Moritz since they opened and have always been completely pleased with the staff and services. It is a great value for the price. I always look forward to receiving a gift certificate series from my husband each year for Christmas. It's my favorite gift!
Pros: Pampering, friendly, knowledgeable staff
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Spa in Town

This is truly a little slice of heaven. The calmness that comes over you as soon as you enter is unique to this spa. The people are gems and the extensive list of services are beyond compare. A true experience!
Pros: Atmosphere, Serenity, Peace of Mind
Cons: None
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Absolutely Wonderful Spa

I have tried so many spas over the years and until I found Spa Moritz. I was always under impressed and largely disappointed. Now, even when the opportunity arises elsewhere, I don't bother. This is not your run of the mill day spa. The atmosphere is so tranquil and it is so so beautiful. From the moment you arrive, until you leave, you will feel truly taken care of. With the economy the way it is, folks may feel this is strictly a luxury. Although it is very luxurious, I also know that what they do for me plays a tremendous role in my overall health. It’s cheaper than my husband’s outlet… golf. Many thanks to all of them.
Pros: Very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, professional
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

The best facials ever!!!

I will not go anywhere but this spa to get a facial. Friendly and knowledgeable service with a great atmosphere. The results have taken years off my face!
Pros: great atmosphere and service
Cons: nothing
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Spa in Central Florida

I walked into 4 years ago for a leg waxing and have been going back ever since. From the moment you walk in and are greeted by the owner and front desk staff, you feel like you're in heaven. What started with a waxing, has lead to facials and several different types of massages. All services were top rate. Products recommended (not pushed) were perfect for my problems and I am a tough sell. I got my husband and 17 year old son hooked on facials. They do a great job with teenage acne. The food is yummy. Prices are good, place is exquisite ...go enjoy your own piece of heaven. We travel there from Orlando. It is not too far.
Pros: Lovely ambiance, friendly knowledgeable staff
Cons: don't get there often enough
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Salon or Spa???

I was part of a Hair Salon that joined Spa Moritz last year. When I first started going there.. it was like WOW. This can't be a salon too? It was so gorgeous. It had a completely different atmosphere than any Salon I have been in .. in my life. I was honestly blown away. And I still am every time I go there. I never knew there were places that made you feel so special, soo pampered.. so cared about. My stylist is the greatest but let me tell you about their Chocolate Martini Pedicures that come with a chocolate Martini. (they are the best martini in the world) Look, grab the girls come over for a new special every month and the most awesome color and cuts you can every get. And don't forget the pedicures! J
Cons: I wish I wish I could go more often!
Overall user rating: 5 Stars

Truly worth the money...

I am a technician in the spa industry and I have to give a five thumbs up to this place. Spa Moritz is truly what a spa experience ought to be: an oasis. Words cannot express what a wonderful relaxing experience this was. I enjoyed every moment from start to finish. I booked a full day package and did not want to leave. I truly felt that I was on vacation. Please go in and experience this little piece of heaven for yourself.
Pros: Excellent service, staff and beautiful oasis
Cons: I wish the experience lasted longer!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Wonderful Spa in heart of New Tampa

Spa Moritz. Those 2 words instantly help me relax. I've traveled the world and have had countless spa experiences but Spa Moritz is by far my favorite place to go when I need to relax and unwind. From the moment you walk through the front door you can feel the stress melt away. The surroundings are beautiful, luxurious, and professionally decorated. (Not to mention incredibly clean and organized). The staff at Spa Moritz is amazing and they never seem to have turnover. What does that say? It's obvious they only hire the best. I've gone to other places in the past where I have to specifically request a certain person so I know that I'll get a good experience. But at Spa Moritz it doesn't matter who you are booked with-everyone is outstanding. If you're in need of a wonderful escape from the stresses of your world or just looking for a little extra pampering then I would highly recommend spending time at . The only bad part is when you're done and have to return back to reality! : )
Pros: Employees, environment
Cons: I'm too busy to get there as often as I would like!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Wonderful Massage!

I just had my first Lomi Lomi massage today and it was wonderful! Very professional and therapeutic. I have been going to for several years and have never been disappointed. Wonderful atmosphere and very friendly staff. Thank you for a relaxing morning.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Wonderful Day Spa

Great ambiance, decadent setting, highly skilled and intuitive staff. I treated myself to a spa treatment to celebrate my birthday and wow what a gift. From the appointment scheduling telephone call to the moment I walked out the door, the staff made me feel fantastic. I highly recommend this spa to anyone needing to relax and feel special!
Pros: Excellent aesthetician and massage therapists
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

WOW!!! I'd Like to Move into Spa Moritz!!!!

From the time I arrived, I was swept away by the refreshing smells, peaceful sounds and friendliness of the staff. Charity gives a terrific massage and is very tuned into your needs. She was very friendly, and makes sure the pressure isn't too much or too little. My body was relaxed and rejuvenated when my massage was over. She led me to another area where there was fresh fruit and water. I had a little taste while I waited for my hand and foot treatment. I didn't think it could get much better when I met Merly who worked her magic on my hands and feet. I didn't want the time to end, and called my family and fiance to tell them that for every holiday/birthday they could get me gift certificates to this spa. I am going to take my mom, sister and fiance back before the wedding in April so they can enjoy such relaxation and complete bliss!!! Thank you to my WONDERFUL class at Hunters Green Elementary for the Gift Certificate to ... It was FANTASTIC!!!! I would have never known about this Spa without them!!! Thank you to the Staff for such an experience, as well!!! And, When can I move in??? Tee hee hee!!!
Pros: Most relaxing day I've had at a Spa!
Cons: Hard to make a Sat. Appointment at last minute... Super Busy.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Sent my mom for birthday, wonderful experience

I sent my mom to Spa Moritz for her birthday, she loved it. She said the people were nothing but nice and attentive, she had a wonderful time, and I didn't feel like I had spent entirely too much like some of the spa quotes I had gotten. She was grateful, so therefore, I'm grateful to Spa Moritz for providing such wonderful service. Thank you to Donna for making my mother's Birthday a good one.
Pros: Pricing is great, great people, all around wonderful exp.
Cons: None that were mentioned
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

The most superb day spa I have ever been to!!!

The beautifully decorated interior is so peacefully tranquil that you have to relax! The owners are so kind and wonderful. All they want for their clients is for us to have a wonderful experience for whichever service(s) we pick! Top of the line employees that are completely knowledgeable and professional and all their products are WONDERFUL!!! I absolutely love the Spa Moritz Mineral make up and dual foundation. Spa Moritz is my dream spa! I have been a client there since just after it opened. To say the least, I have had so very many different treatments and not one was less than excellent!! This spa is so worth traveling to from anywhere in the Tampa Bay area! It can't be equaled!
Pros: Peaceful,professional, beautiful surroundings
Cons: There is not one single drawback, not one!!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

We love Spa Moritz !!

We love Spa Moritz. This sophisticated beautiful spa is tops in my book, and I have traveled around the county and visited many of the biggies. I love the personal touches at Spa Moritz, the wonderful services, the little treats, the way you feel like you are the only person that is in the building. It is a large Spa, but you never feel like you are lost in the shuffle. They meet you, and then, you are treated like royalty. We celebrated my 48th birthday there this week, my husband and I had a "couples massage" It was grand, and we both loved every minute of it. It is like we are the only ones when we are alone chilling out after our massages in the Relaxation Room. I can not wait to go back!
Pros: Best Personal Service in Tampa Bay
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


I experienced the 90 minute hot stone massage here for the first time with my significant other. BEST MASSAGE EVER. It was so relaxing, rejuvenating and soothing that I fell asleep. I have never felt so relaxed and peaceful. The staff makes you feel like you are the only people there. The decor is great and the refreshments are a nice treat. The water they serve is the best water I've ever had. I have tried massages elsewhere but none compare to Spa Moritz. Next the Thai massage or the four handed massage, can't wait.
Pros: relaxing, rejuvenating, knowledgeable/friendly staff
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


What makes it unique is there is only one in Central Florida! Spa Moritz is dedicated to beauty, tranquility and relaxation. I treated myself and my best friend to a full day for my 40th birthday. I selected Spa Moritz based on reviews on the internet. Spa Moritz more than exceeded my expectations. Each room is beautifully decorated and a relaxing scent lingers throughout, but not too much. The staff is highly skilled, friendly and offer personalized treatments. It wasn't just a day at a spa, it was an experience! The body polish treatment left my skin feeling luxurious and the facial left my skin glowing. Ieave been to several spas, but is like escaping into another world, and I can't wait to escape again.
Pros: Gorgeous atmosphere, Superior attention to detail
Cons: I only wish I had found it sooner.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Very Nice Experience

My husband and I included a trip to Spa Moritz for massages as part of a weekend in Tampa Bay from Chicago. We got lost on the way there and had to call for directions. They were very polite and helpful. It was a lovely and relaxing experience. The facility was WOW on a scale to 10. The tables are heated. The massages were way above average in quality. Wish they were in Chicago!
Pros: excellent therapists
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Spa Experience Ever

My sister was in town visiting and I wanted to treat her to a spa day. We went to Spa Moritz and fell in love with the spa and the staff. I treated the both of us to a full spa day and it was worth every dime. The owners and staff are wonderful and they really make you feel comfortable and welcome. The staff was constantly asking us if this or that was ok, if we needed anything, etc. Real personal service and attention to detail. It was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be returning. I would recommend this spa to anyone.
Pros: Wonderful staff, personal attention
Cons: None
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

I Love This Place!

I fell in love with this place on my first visit. For starters, it's truly beautiful inside- you start relaxing as soon as you enter the door. The staff are the friendliest people you'll ever meet. I get a massage and facial on a regular basis, and it truly makes a difference in how I feel. I look forward to my visits knowing that I am going to be completely renewed.
Pros: Best Overall Spa
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Massage and Facial in Tampa

I had my first massage on a trip to Hawaii. I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I returned from my trip, I discovered Spa Moritz. When I talked with Debbie at Spa Moritz about arranging a massage, I asked her if she recommended any additional treatments for men. To my surprise, she recommended that I try a facial. I took her recommendation. I also had there Lomi Lomi massage and I had also had one in Hawaii. Hawaii should be trying to recruit your therapist yours were so much better! I have been to Spa Moritz several times since my initial visit. Every time that I go there, I get a massage and a facial. The massage and facial relax and truly "renewed" me. I will return to Hawaii this summer. However, I will get my massage and facial at Spa Moritz.
Pros: Atmosphere, Great Massage, Great Facial
Cons: None
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Spa Experience Ever

Go and experience the lap of luxury. You can go here and leave the stress of life behind. The massages here are the best I have enjoyed and I have had massages in places all over the world. Every time I go to Spa Moritz I feel relaxed and after all that is why one goes to a spa. The management seems to have one thing in mind and that's you. Perfect.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

A slice of heaven!

This place is perfect if you are looking to escape the stress of the day! I have been to several spas around the city and nationally, and this is still one of my favorites! Spa Moritz offers a relaxation room, personalized experiences and a wide array of choices! The management is courteous and accommodating. Try it if you have a chance!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


I just moved to Tampa from Louisiana and i needed to find a Great spa. I started with city search and it showed me a bunch in the area but one caught my eye and I took a virtual tour and it was close to my home so I gave them a visit and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed at all. I LOVED it from the greeting to the exit! The service was AWESOME! and the workers are great i wanted to leave the whole staff a tip ;) I recommend a full day and trust me u will be well rejuvenated ! LOVED IT!,
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Spa Experience you can get in Florida

Last week I spent 1/2 day at Spa Moritz and loved it. I started with a massage from Diana, then a facial from Jan’et and a heavenly hands and foot treatment from Christina. The spa is gorgeously decorated and is noticeably very clean. Whoever decorated the spa has great talent and it really is a truly relaxing environment. I've been to Spa Moritz on a couple of different occasions and every time I go there I think, I would love to work there. It really is a great oasis in Tampa.
Pros: Ambience, Service, Location
Cons: None
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

amazing spa!

I really couldn't believe how great the customer service is here. The massage I had was the best ever possibly. I got many friends gift certificates since and none have been disappointed. The atmosphere is relaxing and everyone who works here is really nice!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


This spa is amazing. The staff was very courteous and they attend to your individual needs. I had a massage, and man, I was so relaxed and enjoying every minute. They also had some refreshments for you after the massage.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Very enjoyable

I am not a spa expert, but I do know what good service is. At the suggestion of a colleague, I gave Spa Moritz a try, and was really glad I did. I got a facial from Colleen which was fantastic. Everyone at the spa seemed really friendly and it seemed like every detail was just right for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. I would definitely recommend it to others - you won't be disappointed.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


What an amazing place! When booking my appointment they were so helpful in explaining my treatments and very accommodating on the times available. I was so impressed on the cleanliness of the spa and the professional friendliness I received. I first started my day with a massage...WOW...the therapist was amazing in that she made sure I was comfortable and happy with the pressure. Everything was customized to my special needs as I suffer from back aches. The massage therapist was so helpful and knowledgeable. Even shared with me ways I can stretch and take care of my body. After my massage I was given time to relax in a nice quiet room with some refreshments. I then went on to my facial...WOW...another amazing therapist. She was so helpful in informing me what my skin needed to help prevent and treat my skin care needs. The facial was also very relaxing. I can't tell you how OUTSTANDING this spa is! WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!
Pros: Amazing therapist within a clean and relaxing atmosphere!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Day spa in North America

I am president of an accounting firm and do not have a lot of time for relaxing. I have found that at Spa Moritz I can maximize my time and that of my employees by booking a day at Spa Moritz. At least twice a year-after tax season and at Christmas- We go to Spa Moritz where we are greeted with a refreshing cup of tea, or flavored water and warm, inviting smiles. It only gets better after that. Spa Moritz works our schedules out so we can all mingle between treatments in one of the relaxation rooms. The refreshments are healthy and fresh. The technicians are friendly yet professional. The products used in the various treatments are prepared uniquely for each skin type. We have been too pleased with this spa that our spouses give and receive gift certificates for services. The variety of services offered at Spa Moritz should please everyone. I know in my home and my business everyone loves spa day.
Pros: been to spas worldwide and this one is one of the best
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Awesome Experience

I have been to several salons in Tampa and in other cities, and none can come close to the wonderful service and professional treatment given to me by the entire staff at Spa Moritz. They are such a team. The minute I walk through the door and hear the quiet and relaxing music and the sound of gently flowing water, my stress level and tension begin to melt away -- even before I am greeted by the front desk personnel and offered a glass of wine or chilled water. The peace and serenity of Spa Moritz is something I have not found at other salons, and I have never been rushed but instead have been allowed to relax and sip tea or wine during my hair service. The entire environment changes the hair experience. Yes, the stylists are great but the whole experience is different. This is a Spa Salon. Not just a salon. My husband, friends, co-workers and even my dogs have given me gift certificates to Spa Moritz, and they know what makes me happy! The perfect balance of professionalism and friendly customer service. Their staff is highly trained, very competent and ask for your input before any service begins. A five-star award is not enough praise for all the wonderful people at The Salon at Spa Moritz!
Pros: Ambience, Professionalism, Immaculate Facility, Relaxing and Unhurried Treatments
Cons: Absolutely NONE
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Spa Moritz Rocks!!!

My husband purchased a package gift certificate for me, when I called to make an appointment the lady on the phone was very knowledgeable and helpful. The moment I arrived and walked through the door I was in a completely different atmosphere of relaxation and peacefulness. The outside looks so different from the inside. It was an amazing experience! The esthetician and massage therapist were so specific and professional. My skin has never looked better now that I am on a proper skin care routine. The staff was very polite and the spa extremely clean! I can hardly wait for my next visit to Spa Moritz!!!
Pros: Wonderful! Staff and Treatments!!!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

It's the Little Things That Matter

I want to thank you for the wonderful service I received today. I was a first time visitor to your beautiful spa and will definitely be returning. Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference and I wanted you to know what made me feel special. I am a larger woman that does not fit into the one-size-fits-all category. I was thrilled when I was told that if I was not comfortable in the robe given, that there were more in the drawer....to my surprise, there was a women's sized rope and wrap! Thank you for thinking of such a "small" thing! You have my business in the future!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


The spa is beautiful and the therapists are kind and well trained. I felt so relaxed when I left - this is a top notch place!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Of The Best

Having visited many spas, both locally and during my travels, I can only say that Spa Moritz has exceeded all other places I have visited. Having opportunity to visit on a 1/2 day package that my wife felt I needed, I was kindly greeted upon my entrance, enjoyed the well-performing staff who was willing to go the extra mile to keep me happy with the services I was receiving. Each of the therapists was skilled at their own service and made me feel like I was the only customer they were to have or had had that day. A relaxation room was there for me to relax and ponder my next treatment, which could not have been better than the one before, but it was!! The experience was nothing short of remarkable and I will continue to thank my wife for having the kindness and forethought to send me there. There are some great places to be found online, and this is truly the gem that so many people have written about in the online reviews.
Pros: Services, Staff
Cons: None
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

A Beautiful Treasure of a Spa

I visited Spa Moritz with a friend for a massage and then later on two different occasions for a pedicure. The spa is beautifully decorated and is a real treat for the eyes. It is simply lovely and every room is a jewel box. I was greeted in a friendly manner and then handed off to professional and friendly personnel. Privately owned, the owner is on the premises and is especially helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is so lovely that it truly adds to the experience and feels as though you are doing something very special for yourself. The technicians were delightful and skillful. I would highly recommend this spa to anyone who wants a more personal and less clinical atmosphere. Spa Moritz is like finding a special treasure.
Pros: Very friendly, reasonably priced, beautiful atmosphere, easy parking
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Like a resort in Tampa Bay!

This is the one place where you can go and feel like you have just gone on a vacation and you may have only gone around the block! Once you step inside, you forget all your cares and let the staff take over. I have been there with a small group and with just one other friend and they always make you feel like it is a celebration! It is relaxing, calming, soothing, everything you need in a spa. My favorite treatment is the back facial but I would love to try many other treatments! You may feel stressed when you walk in the doors but by the time you leave, you have lost all track of time and ready to face the world again! I could have used a lemo to get home. I HIGHLY recommend a visit.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Wonderful Salon treat for relaxing and de-stressing!

Spa Moritz is my haven for relaxing and de-stressing and I’m talking about the Salon. Everyone seems glad to see you, and the staff all seem to smile and enjoy working with you. The decor is stunning and relaxing, with fountains and soft music and good scents everywhere. The color services are superb and super-relaxing. The management has always managed to fit me in, no matter how tight their schedule; they are incredibly service-oriented. That has caused me to have three different people there cut, style and color my hair. I cannot believe how consistent they are with my color and my preferences. It’s like their related or something. Whether you want a little pampering or a lot, there is a service just right for you. I have gone there stressed out and after a massage felt completely calm--not just from the massage itself, but from the calming atmosphere of the spa and staff. What a wonderful refuge! You get a pedicure and then go and have your hair done for Saturday night. Well worth every penny (and I am normally CHEAP, believe me!). I have been to other salons where the staff seemed snobbish and do not really care if I relaxed; a day at Spa Moritz is just the opposite. Go there, you'll be glad you did!
Pros: ambiance, staff, service
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

The search is over!

I needed a vacation in the worst way but couldn't get away. So, I decided that a day at the spa would do the trick and started searching. I have been to several other spas in the Tampa Bay area over the years but never was really impressed by any of them. After reading the reviews and browsing the website, I decided to give Spa Moritz a try with a 5 Hr Heaven Sent Package. WOW! The staff was very warm and friendly. The treatments were amazing! The gourmet lunch was fabulous - generous portions and delicious too. I really appreciated how I was spoiled and how the schedule ran very smoothly. At the end of the day I truly felt as if I had taken a mini vacation. My search for a truly wonderful day spa has ended - I will definitely go back for all my spa needs...and my next 'vacation'. Next stop.. The Salon at Spa Moritz… I can’t wait!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Total relaxation and pampering

I recently relocated to Tampa from California. I was spoiled with my spa & Salon in LA. After trying several spas in and around Tampa, St Pete, I have yet to find one that compares to Spa Moritz. Their tranquil setting soothes the mind and soul while their treatments sooth the body. The staff is friendly, pleasant - making you feel pampered. It is well worth the trip from anywhere in the Bay area. (I’m in St Pete) I don’t miss my LA spa anymore!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

There is no other day spa

I live in Sarasota and continue to return to Spa Moritz for my day spa & Salon needs. The trip is truly no hassle as I think of what awaits me at my destination. The staff and atmosphere are top notch and their services are beyond compare. I recently spent a full day at Spa Moritz and I will return for another as soon as my schedule permits me to do so. This day spa is above and beyond your expectations of luxury and comfort. Trust me when I say EVERYONE needs their Chocolate Martini Pedicure. Two thumbs up as they say.
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

A Wonderful Experience

I was given a gift certificate to Spa Moritz for a facial. What a Wonderful Experience. This was much more than a facial. I was treated to an amazing facial along with a neck, shoulder, and foot massage using the most relaxing lavender scented oils and towels. The environment was peaceful and soothing. After my facial, I was pampered with fresh fruit, cheese, nuts and veggies along with fresh lemon water for hydration. When I left my mind was clear, the daily stress had vanished and I felt invigorated. What an experience!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

A Relaxing Haven right in my back yard!

The following is an e-mail I sent to the relaxation experts: To the whole staff: Thank you so much for such a wonderful 1/2 day of relaxation! Your staff is so welcoming & professional, I felt so pampered throughout my visit. Colleen did a great facial, my skin is radiant! Donna’s body polish was so invigorating; I think my skin is still glowing! And as always, the massage was amazing. I think it was the best massage I've ever had. She hit muscles I didn't even know hurt! Anytime I hear someone inquiring about any spa services, I will absolutely recommend you! Thank you again, I'll be back!
Pros: Heated massage table, Professional/Helpful, Relaxing atmosphere
Cons: I can't go enough!!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Spoiled at Spa Moritz

I'm a Navy Corps Veteran with the aches and pains to prove it. My wife treated me to a massage at Spa Moritz and it was a wonderful experience. When my massage was over I enjoyed fresh fruit and chocolates while waiting for my wife to return from her Chocolate Martini Pedicure. I was jealous it came with a Chocolate Martini. The staff members were professional and courteous. I'll be back soon!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

My first and definitely not my last

I decided to take a trip to Tampa for my 25th Birthday and visiting Spa Moritz was the absolute best thing I could have done. This was my first spa experience so I opted for the facial and Salt Glow Body Treatment. Everything was perfect about this place, from the courteous service to the amazing decor and peaceful ambience. This place has definitely become a to do whenever I am in the area again
Pros: Atmosphere, Friendly Environment, Great Snacks
Cons: None
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best By Far

This was the best hair cut experience I have had to date. Everyone was very attentive and skilled in their trades. Prices were competitive and the atmosphere was pure bliss. Highly recommend the Salon at Spa Moritz!!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


Spa Moritz Day Spa is wonderful. Their staff is friendly and I really enjoyed my experience there. I event bought extra gift certificates for my mom and boyfriend. You should definitely check them out!
Pros: friendly, quiet, very relaxing!
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Phenomenal Treatment

On March 16th, my daughter Angela treated me to a full day of spa services for my 60th birthday. I was pleasantly surprised by this very special gift. It was my first time in my life ever experiencing a day spa. My daughter and I enjoyed a full day of services together. The owners of the Spa Moritz day spa greeted us at the door. It was a very welcoming experience. The staff was very friendly, professional, and well skilled. The lunch was delicious. The spa treatments really helped us to relax. The staff and owners made us feel like queens for the day. We did not feel rushed through our services. Although, there were other patrons, we felt as if we were the only ones there. We enjoyed the personal and individual touch. The facility was beautiful and immaculately clean. The lighting and music were soft and comforting.
Pros: Beautiful facility, Superb Massages, Soothing Atmosphere
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Thank you Staff!

I had the most wonderful experience this past week at Spa Moritz. My husband gave me a gift of rest and relaxation at Spa Moritz for my birthday - that is exactly what it was.. a gift. From the minute you walk in the door, you are greeted by warmth and hospitality, not a sterile or factory like environment like some other spas. Each of the technicians treated me like I was there only client for the day. The owners were wonderful and working just as hard as the staff. It is so nice to see a successful, homegrown business in my own neighborhood. I can't wait to come back to Spa Moritz again. Thank you for a wonderful gift
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


Everything about this place was wonderful! It was an awesome experience and I have recommended to EVERYONE! Totally relaxing!
Pros: Atmosphere, Price, Staff
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Just say Aaahhh!

My sister and sister-in-law gave me a massage and facial for my 53th birthday. The visit to the spa was wonderful. Every part was just heaven to my tired weary body and soul. I plan to visit again soon. We all three came and later just said, Aaahhh". That is about all you can say because there are no words to describe it. The person who gave me the facial recommended a cleanser for oily skin. She said it would take the oil away but not dry my skin. I just love it. I look in the mirror and my skin is radiant and it really helped the oil. As soon as I run out, I am getting more.
Pros: Value services, quiet location, Very Professional
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

The Salon at Spa Moritz

I have been to Spa Moritz many times, and each time is a treat. They are consistent with my color, (is that a rarity) extraordinary with the styling and uplifting in their conversation and as pleasant as a cool breeze on a hot day.
Pros: convenient, relaxing, welcoming, consistent
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

The Heavenly salon

Reminiscent of old world luxury, Spa Moritz is a treat to all the senses. The furnishings are exquisite, making your first glimpse a delight. The stylists are highly professional and extremely skilled at both their "specialty". This Salon has a totally different feel that the loud ones you are used to. You can be yourself but you feel like you have escaped somewhere. The great color and their ability to create a calm, serene experience that will bring you back again and again. They are the best.
Pros: beautiful atmosphere, expert therapists, warm welcoming staff
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended


My best friend and I have visited many other spas in Florida. Most with eh or horrible experiences. WE HAVE NEVER experienced a spa as good as Spa Moritz in Tampa. The service providers LOVE the owners, the owners LOVE the clients, everyone is happy. The services were excellent. Food and drink available the whole time. Sign up for the lunch - it was absolutely incredible! They make sure it is a relaxing day for me and my friend to spend time together. No one rushes you and everything is just perfect!!!!
Pros: Professional, Friendly, Excellent
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Peace in New Tampa

I decided to take a chance and changed spas and I gave Spa Moritz a try and I was very pleased, so pleased that I bought a 1/2 day of treatments for my sisters 40th birthday. I was nervous though because my sister had never been to a spa and I was not sure if she would enjoy the experience. I should never have worried Spa Moritz came through! Her smile was ear to ear she had a bag of products that she purchased and she kept wiggling her toes and fingers and telling me I needed to get the hot new color for summer. 
Pros: tranquil, Staff is Considerate, Accommodating
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

My Wonderful Other World

This is the best find I've ever made!!! They make you feel like a queen after you've had to work like a dog in the office. I could never get enough and would be in there every day they are open if I could. I burn their candles in my home so I can pretend I'm at the spa even though I may not be there physically. Awesome!!! 
Pros: Caring Staff, Professional, Good products
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Craniosacral Therapy at Spa Moritz - A Mother & Daughter’s Testimony

Kerri Milyko’s Testimony “I am completing my dissertation while starting a business after just moving 3,000 miles across the country. Stressful is not an adequate word to describe my life these past 3 months. Now, add the fact that I suffer from migraines. Due to the crazy life-style, my frequency of headaches has skyrocketed. The only therapy that reduced the frequency of my headaches is Crainosacral Therapy. I first stumbled upon this alternative therapy in Reno, NV. It successfully reduced my headaches from 4 tension headaches & 1 migraine per week, to 1 migraine every other month and 0 tension headaches. That was 4 years ago. Now that the stress level has again risen, so has my frequency of headaches. Therefore, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that a local and reputable spa, Spa Moritz, offers Crainosacral Therapy! As a scientist, my first encounter with Crainosacral Therapy was filled with skepticism. The session is performed while you are fully clothed, which was initially a shock. Then, the first body part that the therapist lightly touched was my feet. I thought to myself, “Maybe I wasn’t clear when I told her that the problem is with my head.” Throughout the entire session, her touch was so light. No pressure was applied, which was a drastic change to the deep tissue massages that I loved so much. The therapist first needs to feel your entire body’s alignment (thus starting at the feet and moving up the body). The central nervous system is heavily influenced by the craniosacral system - the membranes and fluid that surround, protect and nourish the brain and spinal cord. If there are restrictions, it makes it difficult for your body to heal itself. They have a great Crainosacral Therapist specialist. She could tell it had been a while since I had a session, so it took a little time for my body to respond to therapy. After 3 weekly sessions, my body was then quick to respond. I could feel the tension being pulled from my body. It is bewildering how the simple light touch effects the body so dramatically. It took a few sessions for me to see a decrease in my headaches, but they are there! I now see her less frequently. Furthermore, I haven’t had a migraine in almost 2 months and only have a mild tension headache about once every 2 weeks.” Sharon Kaelin’s Testimony “I too was a skeptic as I had no idea how Crainosacral Therapy would work or how it would help my headaches. My daughter Kerri Milyko introduced me to this therapy a number of years ago when I was visiting her in Nevada. I went to one session, and was honestly unsure if it helped. When I returned to Tampa, I really never heard anyone speaking about this kind of therapy, and honestly it slipped my mind. When Kerri moved back and told me that she found the therapy at Spa Moritz, I was amazed as I have been using Spa Moritz for many other services. Since she has had such great results with this kind of therapy, I decided to give it another try, but for more than just one session. I have been going now for about 2 months, and have noticed a significant improvement in not only the severity of my headaches, but the frequency as well. (I have always suffered with a lot of headaches, at times almost daily, with frequent migraines). I am a true believer of Crainosacral Therapy. There therapists are fantastic and this has greatly improved my quality of life.” For more information on Craniosacral Therapy, or the other services offered by Spa Moritz, call them at 971-4772. Tell them the Advisor sent you.